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Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer Cream - 50ml

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Defy the ages and kick sagging and underperforming skin to the curb with Shiseido Men’s Total Revitalizer Cream. This high performance men’s face cream improves the strength, elasticity and firmness of the skin and slowly turns it into a toned and sag-resistant condition.

Take your moisturizing seriously with Shiseido’s luxury line for men. Formulated and engineered formen’s tougher skin types, you’ll find this premium blend completely revitalizes your skins overallappearance. Total Revitalizer Cream was created and inspired by a daily workout. By toning your skin to be more sag-resistant, it actively lifts your skins natural appearance to leave you looking younger. The formula also works to battle complexion lines and signs of natural aging. It re-energizes the skin, firms and defines your contours. It tackles deep lines, wrinkles and natural aging imperfections. It has been tested by dermatologists and is a non-comedogenic formula. It is smooth on the skin andwith a texture that is not sticky, you’ll find this pleasant and super effective. It uses a specially formulated complex that consists of Marine Proteins to reinforce your skins naturally firmness. A thicker style cream to really go deep to give you more youthful skin over a period. Suitable for all skin types and can be used both morning and evening, daily.


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Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer Cream - 50ml - Grooming Store

Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer Cream - 50ml