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Shiseido Men ADENOGEN Hair Energizing Formula - 150ml

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Shiseido Men’s Hair Energizing Formula is an ultra-intensive hair treatment designed to give a fully invigorated effect on your hair and scalp. This award-winning treatment is one of the most powerful formulas on the market and is hugely effective when combatting thinning hair.

A serum treatment for the hair to combat the thinning and loss of your hair. It should be used alongside its duo shower partner, the Hair Energizing Shampoo. This treatment takes your clean hair, which has been prepped and reinforces its natural defences. It locks in a formula that actively works to combat hair types that are beginning to thin, or patches where hair is thinner. As a natural problem, hair loss can defeat many of us, but using a specially formulated treatment can bring some comfort to your scalp and hair. The engineered product is ultra-intensive and fully reinvigorating to your head. Using this treatment as part of a haircare routine should show more thicker and more fuller looking hair over a prolonged period.


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Shiseido Men ADENOGEN Hair Energizing Formula - 150ml - Grooming Store

Shiseido Men ADENOGEN Hair Energizing Formula - 150ml