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MMUK MAN Hydrating Mango Face Cream - 120ml

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MMUKman’s Hydrating Face Cream is an allrounder powerhouse. The potent and exotic mango infused formula, hydrates and plumps your skin. The beautiful and minimal bottle is designed to sit perfectly on your bathroom shelf. It comes at mentioned in two fantastic sizes, big and small. So, you’ll have to option to take one with you, should you require to be away from home. You’llfind you need not break your normal routine and you can bring this marvellous product alongside with you, be in for a business trip or holiday. The hydrating formula is suitable for skin types that are dry and normal. This product is the best choice for any men who wish to combine good quality skincare with makeup application. Choosing to use MMUKman for both departments will allow you the benefit for flawless skin and professionally applied makeup, fuss free. The formula is a nourishing mixture of aloe vera, mango butter and hyaluronic acid. This fresh combination provides your skin with moisture retention abilities and protection against dry skin. It actively provides a veil-like barrier around your skin to lock in moisture and prevent your skin from being dehydrated. It conditions and nourishes the skin to leave it feeling soft and supple to the touch. Aloe vera is used for its healing properties and the regeneration of broken skin that is damaged. Mango is an exotic fruit that produced into a butter provides the barrier like effect to the skin and conditions the skin with essential and vital minerals and vitamins. Hyaluronic acids allow your skin to keep its suppleness and youthfulness. Together these active components work to leave your complexion feeling and looking its best. Application is easy, onto a clean face (preferably damp), massage a small amount into the skin to lock in extra moisture that is retained on the face. Apply down the neck to increase protection against natural aggressors.

The antioxidant properties of the formula work wonders against bacterial aggressors too. So, you’llfind those damaging and blemish promoting elements are kept at bay. The formula is pure luxury and provides your skin with the pumping action its needs. Smoother your skin and enjoy the fast absorbing power of this potent moisturiser. MMUKman are second to none and create their products exclusively to work for the tough skin men have.


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MMUK MAN Hydrating Mango Face Cream - 120ml - Grooming Store

MMUK MAN Hydrating Mango Face Cream - 120ml