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Lancôme Men Hydrix Moisturising Gel - 50ml

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Lancôme's Hydrix Moisturising Gel has been specifically formulated for the specific needs of men's skin. It's lightweight and quickly-absorbing to give instant hydration benefits to the skin. Create a non-greasy and smooth finish to your skin care regime with this luxury moisturiser suitable for combination skin. 

Suitable for those with normal to combination skin types. This gel-based hydrator is the key to those who wish to provide moisture barriers to the skin, without the any residual matter across the surface. Youll find with Lancomes premium formula that this gel-based moisturiser allows for just that with its patented technology. It has been created to give men the option to protect their skin should they lead an active lifestyle, or simply just dislike any stickiness on the skin. The formula is lightweight and non-oily. It works effortlessly into the skin and penetrates instantaneously. It has been created with botanical extracts and beneficial ingredients to deliver potent nutrients that support skin health. Youll find this day-long protector helps keep skin protected against natural aggressors and day-to-day environmental combats. This is the perfect end-product to use after a thorough skin routine to help lock in the products used beforehand. Serving you through the warmest days and long sticky commutes, this product will leave you looking fresher across the face.


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Lancôme Men Hydrix Moisturising Gel - 50ml - Grooming Store

Lancôme Men Hydrix Moisturising Gel - 50ml