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Clinique For Men Super Energizer Fresh Daily Anti-Fatigue Booster - 8.5ml

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A long-winded title, but one that is worth checking into. If you are serious about wanted visibly younger and fresher looking skin. Then this booster should be something you own, to tackle fatigue in your complexion. With continuous use, youll find it gives more back to your skins overall appearance. Suitable for all skin types, youll instantly see brighter and skin that is re-energized.

After a week of daily application, your skin is remarkably brighter and looks consistently revitalised. With continued use, your skin will have a natural glow and radiance to it. It will look and feel smoother and any visible aging lines will look visibly diminished. Your overall complexion and tone will look natural, consistent and fresher. The formula allows this to happen with its potent dosage of pure Vitamin C. The booster accelerates the properties and delivers it deep into the skins layers to tackle the root of your cells. Skin that feels and looks amazing!

To use: the booster you must activate it before use. Start by leaving the cap on and removing the foil underneath. Firmly give two presses that will release Vitamin C into the emulsion. Give it a good shake to mix up the substances together, afterwards youre ready to use. Take the vial and remove the cap, press the bulb 2-3x to dispense the mixed formula now into the palm of your hands. Now apply to the face (which should be clean/cleansed) and smooth over, even down the neck. Allow the solution to sink into the skin. You can also mix with a dollop of moisturiser to stretch the product further. Use the product twice a day, morning and night for maximum results.

*It may also be worth noting that the formula once activated is fresh and at its most potent stage. Youll have 7 days at full potency and then that potency percentage will begin to diminish slightly. The vial can be used for up to 14 days though so ensure you make the most of each drop. Afterwards discard, move onto a new booster and reapply the steps above to activate and use it.


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Clinique For Men Super Energizer Fresh Daily Anti-Fatigue Booster - 8.5ml - Grooming Store

Clinique For Men Super Energizer Fresh Daily Anti-Fatigue Booster - 8.5ml